Public Consultation on the draft Global Carbon Accounting Standard for the financial industry

Image of The Global Carbon Accounting StandardThe public consultation took place from 3 August to 30 September, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Global Carbon Accounting Standard for the financial industry and for submitting your feedback. The PCAF Core Team values your contribution.

Led and developed by the financial industry, the Standard offers asset class methods to measure and disclose the GHG emissions financed by loans and investments.

Although, you can no longer participate in the consultation, you can still  download the Standard, play back the webinar recordings and sign up to receive updates.

Download the draft Global Carbon Accounting Standard.

The draft Standard (Pdf, 6,9 MB)

Over the course of 17 days, PCAF held 8 dedicated webinars with international experts in the field, tailored to different professional audiences and global regions. The recordings for all these webinars are posted below.

Webinar #7 was held entirely in Spanish and Webinar #8 was held in Mandarin.


Play back recordings of the 8 webinars from September 2020.

These webinars are available:

  1. Financial institutions - Africa, Asia (Europe welcome)
  2. Financial institutions - Europe (Latin America and North America welcome)
  3. Financial institutions - North America (Latin America welcome)
  4. Policy makers and regulators - North America, Latin America, Europe
  5. Policy makers and regulators - Africa, Asia, Europe
  6. Data providers and consultants - Europe, North America, Latin America
  7. Instituciones financieras - Latin America (in Spanish only)
  8. All stakeholder groups 为所有利益相关者提供的在线研讨会 (in Chinese)

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