Best practice example: Business Loans


“It is ABN Amro’s ambition to support our clients on their sustainability journey. Together with them we can have a large impact through our mortgage, commercial real estate and investment portfolio. Measuring and reporting on the carbon impact of our banking activities is an essential aspect of our sustainability approach. By doing this we can monitor the progress of our various initiatives in a transparent way and take further action where necessary” says Kees van Dijkhuizen, CEO ABN-AMRO

Both for risk indicators and impact indicators, it is important to deduct the financed climate impact (CO₂e) in a uniform and transparent manner. Carbon accounting does that, by giving the financial institution a tool to measure the impact of its portfolio. It also provides a starting point from which reduction and risk strategies can be formulated and measured.

Using the PCAF methodology, ABN AMRO estimated the financed emissions of its corporate loans and disclosed the results in its 2018 Sustainability Facts & Figures & Engagement Report. Below is a table summarizing the financed emissions of corporate loans per sector.