Regional implementation team: PCAF NA

PCAF North America

The PCAF North America (PCAF NA) team builds on the PCAF Netherlands work and tailors it to the US and Canada, which differ in terminology, data availability, and the types of loan and investment activities. It is created by and for financial institutions that aim to lead and inspire. As with the PCAF NL methodology, the formulas and data sources are based on the loans and investment portfolios of its authors and currently cover six asset classes. The report will be expanded upon and refined as more financial institutions join the initiative.

PCAF North America Report

Download the report (pdf, 5MB)

This report is also available in Chinese:
Download Chinese version of PCAF NA report (pdf, 11MB)

PCAF North America Methodology Launch

Below you can watch a recording of the webinar held on 28 October 2019.

You can also download the presentation slides that were used during this presentation.