[…] Disclosure of climate-related information by the financial sector is key […]. The PCAF disclosure method enables financial institutions to measure the carbon impact of their portfolio […] and offers a conduit for the redeployment of capital to green activities. I am very proud of the immense amount of work done by PCAF, and its contribution to the work of the Sustainable Finance Platform.

Frank Elderson, executive director supervision at De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch financial regulator and chair of NGFS

[…] Defining effective metrics and target setting approaches for financial institutions is a critical step. The Science Based Targets Initiative is working towards a platform for financial sector targets aligned with the Paris Agreement’s goals, and collaborations such as PCAF are an important way for institutions to get started.

Chris Weber, Global Climate & Energy Lead Scientist WWF

[…] the most comprehensive methodology that I’d read for the [financial] sector. The fact that it’s an industry-led development makes it well-placed to be used as a standard across the industry.

Leanne Bouvet, Senior Technical Manager, Financial Services CDP

[…] as an asset manager, we see great added value for our clients from the harmonized methodology proposed by PCAF. It serves as an important next step for Robeco to operationalize the TCFD recommendations and enhance our and our clients’ awareness of our investments’ resilience to climate change-related risks.

Peter Ferket, Head of Investments, Robeco

[…] ACTIAM has set the target to reduce the carbon emissions of its assets under management with 40% in 2040 compared to 2010. Carbon footprint reduction of our assets is calculated and reported in line with the PCAF methodology. […]

Hans van Houwelingen, CEO ACTIAM

[…] Measuring and reporting on the carbon impact of our banking activities is an essential aspect of our sustainability approach. By doing this we can monitor the progress of our various initiatives in a transparent way and take further action where necessary. […]

Kees van Dijkhuizen, CEO ABN-AMRO